Wewe ni mkristo ila hatutambui,
Umesahau spiderweb ndo husell out buibui,
Inabidi u say it ndo tuget you are born again,
Zi! Haifai kuwa this way,
Let your deeds lead the way,
Matunda ya roho heavily weigh,
Coz you are fruity kama PK kiroho.
Wacha tucheki your lifestyle tuone Christ in it,
Sio kuishi stale life kama gas inert,
Wacha waone works za Christ in you,
Usijipe title kama vile Christi-a-n,
Let them name you coz unashow Christ yaani,
Vile unaishi,
Hata ukidishi,
Kama we mwandishi,
Represent Christ kwa kila njia yaani.

Christians they were named,
They chose not this name,
Acts of Apostles,
Yaani via acts pekee,
So mbona tunataka kuact christian while sinning inside,
Hypocrisy imekuwa magnified in churches than in pubs,
Truth inatest negative in the flock,
Mbona pastor anapanga kando, badala awe candle kwa kondoo?
Mbona bikra anafura tumbo bila pete?

Mkristo ni vitendo not just a name,
Mkristo ni kufollow kila neno kwa biblia sio kila tweep on twitter.
Mkristo ni kushine your light unashindwa kuhide,
Mkristo ni kufollow christ bila kuslide-
Back to sin.
Mkristo ni loving ur neighbor hata kaa ni hater,
Mkristo ni sharing hata kaa haitoshi mboga,
Mkristo ni kusacrifice your lunch for a hungry lad,
Mkristo ni kusuffer for Christ kama Paul and Silas.
Mkristo ni forgiveness no matter how much it hurts,
Mkristo nikuishi poa na watu despite the differences,
Mkristo ni kumpenda God with all your heart, mind & strength.

Sherry 2017

John 4:23
True worshippers worship God in truth and in spirit.

Mathew 7:16 -20
Believers are recognized by their fruit.

At the cross



Imagine a world where,
There were no black and whites,
Maybe Greys,
A world where names don’t matter,
And culture isn’t out’standing,
Where looks aren’t a measure of opportunities….no one cares about the SPLs (Short Plump & Light skinned) or TDHs (the Tall Dark & Handsome!)… Imagine….
If that part of the country you call home doesn’t send an alarm,
If your accent did raise a question,
If your hair texture didnt betray you
Or your love for certain foods didn’t generate a hilarious joke for ‘Churchil Live’ episodes… Imagine….

Hey, walk with me,
I’m imagining a world where political parties aren’t tribal dens,
Just imagine ‘ Uhuru angekuwa corded kwa NASA na Raila,  women rep wa Murang,a akiitwa Atieno na Governor wao Mwanahamisi,
Imagine citizens wa siaya wakiimba Kinyanjui for Governor despite the fact that Odero na nyar Asembo are vieying for the same positions.
Imagine a world where Pokots sacrificed their wells to save dying herds of the Samburu people.
Where Pokomos and Oromos shared pastures without care,
Where my ethnicity doesn’t get me labelled a criminal,
Where my religion doesn’t hold me captive,

I’m imagining a world without urchins on the street,
A world where our homeless are on a homeless fund,
Where our leaders from their pay would fund,
An example to their citizens,
Giving back to the society.
Imagine kama karao kuitisha chai,
Ingemaanisha maziwa na majani,
Yaani kuna njeve na hayuko kejani,
Imagine kama tenders haingekuwa biashara ya who knows who but real work by real experts,
Imagine kama tender ingekuwa kazi wala si mikoba sita ya pesa kwa boot ya taxi.
Imagine if winning an election wouldn’t mean ‘it’s our turn to eat’ but ‘our turn to serve’
Imagine kama hatunge’have kubeg for unity after uchaguzi
Imagine kama mtoi wa prezzo angesoma Moi avenue primary cause ‘Elimu ni Mwangaza’

For now tunabaki tu na imagination in our minds,
Etnicity in our territories
Corruption plenty within our borders,
Haves and havenots gap wider,
Eroded morals in our cities,
We suffer an economic pollution.

Oh God of all creation,
Bless this our land and nation,
Justice be our shield and defender,
May we dwell in unity,
Peace and liberty,
Plenty be found within our borders.

Sherry 2017


The teacher asked for her name,

So she said Name,

Her teacher almost flogged her,

Until they shouted “Name’s her name!”

Cause her parents named her Name.


It’s a mystery I can’t explain,
How my soul is stuck in it,
Maybe it’s just the world I live in,
I’m getting used,
More used to it,
People come and go,
Drama all they want,
I can’t satisfy their want,
I’m left to lone.

No more love,
No more cares,
The air is filled with “who cares?”
I can’t turn to the left,
I’m attracted to the right,
The right thing to do,
In a deserted world,
A road rarely taken,
For they trend it no more.

I thought I had a few friends,
Few that could stand with me,
But my few stick to benefits,
They don’t treasure strings for attachment,
So I sink alone,
Into my overstretched emotions,
My dying hope of resurrection,
From this dungeon,
Where all is dark and covered,
With no one to light up my candle,
And if they do they blow it as the leave.

I have tried to smile,
To keep my shoulder up high,
But my being cannot sustain,
This darkness overcomes their kindness,
It heals my blindness,
For in the dark my spirit sees,
You smile at me,
But all I see are blurred reflections.

Why dont you understand?
All I need is a smile that lasts,
The kind of care that heals,
Caress me with your generosity,
Hug me with your warm heart,
Promise me you’ll never hurt,
Give me love and attach it with strings so strong!

Sherry 2017/3

Drugs not Refreshments

We say it’s no abuse,

A luxury we call it,

Some way of relaxing,

Our mind,

Until it torments us,

Its fangs strikes our organs,

It is in pain we recall the warning,

“Uvutaji wa sigara unadhuru afya yako”

“Not for sale to persons under the age of 18”

You wonder why eighteen….???
The start is quite a joke,

A puff, a sip, a taste of it,

You man up for the injection,

Not weary of the deadly infection,

You subscribe to a lifetime affliction,

A slave to that cookie,

One for the road,

A puff for the mind,

And suddenly evolves to a habit.
Soon you will be hooked to it,

This injection becomes necessity,

Cannabis your daytime buddy,

You can’t help but chew

So helpless for the sniff,

Of a tornado your cool kid calls “coke”

You sold your freedom for a cold life.
See your guy blew his last,

Right there the ‘tornado’ took his life,

Your buddy is stuck in clutches,

She regrets that sip and puff,

She fears for her lungs too,

The rot could catch up anytime.
If you can heed to this call,

If you can read this text,

Restrain from this induction,

Abstain from this practice,

And avoid a whole addiction,

That drains your energy and thinking,

And swallows your life without mercy.
*Drugs kill!*

*Drugs incapacitates!*
*Shery 2017/2*

Good Morning,

It is not a good morning for me,

I woke up in shame again,

I don’t know how it happened,

I just find myself in it,

I woke up to a pool,

A pool of my own fluids,

My beddings all wet,

My pajamas drip of urine,

My very own,

At age 16!


I have to hide this from my peers,

A thing I have done for years,

I slip off my wet pajamas,

Cover my shame with a leso,

Peep, peep and peep

Stealthily, I ran into the darkness outside,

With my luggage of humiliation on my back,

This darkness comforts me,

The only that knows my secrets,

This blackness buries my humiliation.


My trip has been rough,

When rain comes it gets tough,

I wish it was a cough,

Or a malady I could talk about,

I would avoid the dripping foam,

A sleepover would be so much fun,

Laundry wouldn’t be my everyday thing,

But I’m trapped in this.


I hate the idea of inheritance,

It adds sores to my soul,

For to me being an heir is doom,

At times I wish I had a choice,

It could have been my father’s height

My mother’s intelligence,

But it just had to be this.


It is harder when I’m the popular one,

Best in music, best in physics,

An influential being, with an accent so foreign,

My black has to remain with the night,

I can’t just let this fade,

I have to keep this reputation,

So I choose to step on this pain,

It is a bitter pill yet the best,

As I wait for my freedom,

Maybe at 18!


When will this stare stop?

When will you stop pointing a finger?

We did not ask to be this way.

So, why?

You accuse us of every foul smell,

You  look at us as if we refuse to lock our bladder intentionally

Yet you are only lucky to be born that way


You call us names because of a condition,

You call us weak ‘cause our system failed us,

But why?

Sherry 2017/3


Woe unto the fallen soldiers


Woe unto the seed that falls on sand n stones,
The seed of man that never got to germinate,
Neither shall we weigh your yield,
Nor shall we see your kid,
For in the uterus you walk and slide to death.

Woe unto you who lost your way,
Who found barriers you couldn’t cross,
You burried your head at the gates,
Till you couldn’t hold on to life,
A whole generation lost,
That woman planned her life.

Woe to you victims of hostility,
Who found a home in the night,
Warm welcome and hospitality,
Only to mourn your death the morning after,
She couldn’t host you,
Not for a day,
She blasted you with her pill.

Woe unto you my lucky champ,
You won the race to implantation,
You who caused her earth to quake,
And her rain to hault,
They mercilessly slashed you,
In a pit they damped you
Your victory was accidental,
She was too young to bear you.

Woe unto the millions of fallen soldiers.

Sherry 2017/2

Raindrops Rhythm

The rain drops,

The rhythm pops,

That relaxing feeling oozes,

Lulls me like a baby,

Soothes the sleepy head,

Into dream land I stealthily slide.


I love the rain,

In a moment like this,

In the hour of the night,

Like a fur blanket its lyrical mystery hugs me,

Sweeps the stress away,


A magical peace swirls,

This is my night,

My heart dances to the rain drops,

My mind dissapears into the down pour,

I feel a vacuum between this foam and my form,

Into my dreams I will soon be soaked.



Light me up,Fill my cup again

He said I would do it too,

That I would move mountains, if I had the two,

Faith and belief in Him.

Even as small as a mastered seed,

I will accomplish what the master’s said.

And here I am,

Like a baby crawling, holding onto everything on my way to get there,

My vision so blurred, my speech so sluggish,

How do I believe in a future I can’t see clearly,

How do I even tell about it?

I stand before men speechless and confused.


Speechless and confused I hold on to life,

Yes, I wanna live a life,

A life so blameless but my candle is flameless

The glass of sin stands before me so opaque,

Myopism strangles me I cannot tell or feel what lies before me…

I hold on to these clutches to hide my weaknesses and burry the awkwardness,

The dreadful clutches of sin.

I try to stand but I can’t, To move my limbs that’s impossible!

My fears are so real.

Like a coward I recoil back to my clutches,

But why don’t I see the scratches and the scars?

My memory is fading away so fast

A while ago He threw my clutches away,

Held my hand in love and saw me stand.

” My child, I came that you may have life” He whispered

Oh yeah, you are the way, the truth and the life… that I remember.

But why is my life so worthless,

why am I still stuck at the crossroads?

Could it be I don’t embrace the truth?



Teach me to believe what lies beyond the glass.

Plant in me this seed, let it germinate

Smear the truth all over my eyes, if that’s what it takes.

Let me see through the opacity

And teach your children you got the capacity!

Take away my shame and let me shine,

Wash away my fears and I’ll be free,

Strengthen my feeble bones let me stand,

To proclaim your LOVE,

To sing your praises in all places,

Testifying your greatness grounded in FAITH.

” Yes I believe! ”

As I ponder over the truth as written,

I believe you’ll take me yonder and beyond

I see your hands open in welcome,

Oh yes, I feel your love,

Your tender embrace comforts me.

Show me your way Lord, that I may walk with you.

Let your truth remain in me as I journey through this life.


Sherry 2014

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