I Will Grow My Nails Again

I will grow my nails again,
The former beauty shall I regain,
This fateful moment to me is gain,
Away from the beast, away from burdens,
Far from weights that my morals bend,
The sounds that pierce my virgin ears,
Distant from the foul smell of their morals.

I will wear my suffering with pride,
I will watch my sole grow sores,
Though my stomach loudly whistles,
With wolves I shall not dine,
Gratefully,I will drink my pain and sorrow,
It’s sweeter than adulterated feast
Much better than the old mines’ gold.

My gender says I’m a girl,
But I will bend for no king,
Even those with wealth amassed,
You I will respect and not fear,
And when my pennies grow small,
Still your sword I will not kiss,
I will wait and not wail,
In this peace I never found
Till I grow my nails again.

Sherry 2017

You may be down today, but no suffering, no luck should lead you to compromise. Stand firm in your convinction, coz soon you will rise again. You will look back and say, “it was all worth the wait”


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