If I happen to love..

If I ever love,

I will love you with all my heart

You, never will I hurt,

I will give you my love,

Every day of the month,

Every second that ticks,

With you I will stick,


My heart will yearn for no other,

Your voice will be melody to my ears,

You will be the favorite character in my dreams,

You, I will love to the extremes

I will look for no Alejandro,

Coz it’s you alone I will handle,

If I ever love,

It will be from my heart.

If I happen to love you,

Ours will be no contest,

I will let you be the man,

And when I join you on that screen,

Do not worry about Cristiano or Messi,

They won’t make our story messy,

I’m no polygamous,


You will not be my special one,

You will be the only one I will love.

*Sherry 2017\2*


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