Light me up,Fill my cup again

He said I would do it too,

That I would move mountains, if I had the two,

Faith and belief in Him.

Even as small as a mastered seed,

I will accomplish what the master’s said.

And here I am,

Like a baby crawling, holding onto everything on my way to get there,

My vision so blurred, my speech so sluggish,

How do I believe in a future I can’t see clearly,

How do I even tell about it?

I stand before men speechless and confused.


Speechless and confused I hold on to life,

Yes, I wanna live a life,

A life so blameless but my candle is flameless

The glass of sin stands before me so opaque,

Myopism strangles me I cannot tell or feel what lies before me…

I hold on to these clutches to hide my weaknesses and burry the awkwardness,

The dreadful clutches of sin.

I try to stand but I can’t, To move my limbs that’s impossible!

My fears are so real.

Like a coward I recoil back to my clutches,

But why don’t I see the scratches and the scars?

My memory is fading away so fast

A while ago He threw my clutches away,

Held my hand in love and saw me stand.

” My child, I came that you may have life” He whispered

Oh yeah, you are the way, the truth and the life… that I remember.

But why is my life so worthless,

why am I still stuck at the crossroads?

Could it be I don’t embrace the truth?



Teach me to believe what lies beyond the glass.

Plant in me this seed, let it germinate

Smear the truth all over my eyes, if that’s what it takes.

Let me see through the opacity

And teach your children you got the capacity!

Take away my shame and let me shine,

Wash away my fears and I’ll be free,

Strengthen my feeble bones let me stand,

To proclaim your LOVE,

To sing your praises in all places,

Testifying your greatness grounded in FAITH.

” Yes I believe! ”

As I ponder over the truth as written,

I believe you’ll take me yonder and beyond

I see your hands open in welcome,

Oh yes, I feel your love,

Your tender embrace comforts me.

Show me your way Lord, that I may walk with you.

Let your truth remain in me as I journey through this life.


Sherry 2014


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