Your Vote, Your Diet

This empire has no real laws,
The law is so fragile, it keeps breaking,
It only stands strong for the weak,
They can’t break it, nor bend it.
The weak bruise their hands for a day’s meal,
The rich cruise in expensive cars from mwananchi’s meals,
It’s an economy for the glutton,
The rest must watch their diet.

We fell for a wrong regime,
No! We chose this regime,
For words rather than works,
He fed you for a day, you fed him for a lifetime,
This relationship is no symbiotic,
Let’s do our maths and face the ballot,
With wisdom not here say,
With vision not affiliation,
Lest we watch our diet forever.

It’s a dying economy, our cemeteries are full,
Public hospitals are now deathbeds,
No drugs for the poor, more drugs for the peddler,
Derailed education, they are stealing our vision,
Kamau, Kerubo and Mwanasiti have to drop out of school,
Their fathers lost a salary, they are fallen soldiers,
Fighting for a dying nation,
I pray they don’t watch their diet forever.

Nyambuto is still in prison for eloping with a chicken,
My guy is still in power despite a million scandals,
This equation isn’t equal,
The angle of elevation is increasing,
Mwananchi is sinking, his representative is flying high,
Get out of that cacoon, friend,
Tribesmen will not light your jiko,
Nor thatch your hut,
They will watch you watch your weight,
And sell this news to the world,
An opportunity for their empty speeches again,
This is our season,
Time for our decision,
Let’s do it with a vision,
Lest we diet and whine while they wine and dine,
Your vote, your diet.

Sherry 2017/2

Kenya Decides


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