Woe unto the fallen soldiers


Woe unto the seed that falls on sand n stones,
The seed of man that never got to germinate,
Neither shall we weigh your yield,
Nor shall we see your kid,
For in the uterus you walk and slide to death.

Woe unto you who lost your way,
Who found barriers you couldn’t cross,
You burried your head at the gates,
Till you couldn’t hold on to life,
A whole generation lost,
That woman planned her life.

Woe to you victims of hostility,
Who found a home in the night,
Warm welcome and hospitality,
Only to mourn your death the morning after,
She couldn’t host you,
Not for a day,
She blasted you with her pill.

Woe unto you my lucky champ,
You won the race to implantation,
You who caused her earth to quake,
And her rain to hault,
They mercilessly slashed you,
In a pit they damped you
Your victory was accidental,
She was too young to bear you.

Woe unto the millions of fallen soldiers.

Sherry 2017/2


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