Drugs not Refreshments

We say it’s no abuse,

A luxury we call it,

Some way of relaxing,

Our mind,

Until it torments us,

Its fangs strikes our organs,

It is in pain we recall the warning,

“Uvutaji wa sigara unadhuru afya yako”

“Not for sale to persons under the age of 18”

You wonder why eighteen….???
The start is quite a joke,

A puff, a sip, a taste of it,

You man up for the injection,

Not weary of the deadly infection,

You subscribe to a lifetime affliction,

A slave to that cookie,

One for the road,

A puff for the mind,

And suddenly evolves to a habit.
Soon you will be hooked to it,

This injection becomes necessity,

Cannabis your daytime buddy,

You can’t help but chew

So helpless for the sniff,

Of a tornado your cool kid calls “coke”

You sold your freedom for a cold life.
See your guy blew his last,

Right there the ‘tornado’ took his life,

Your buddy is stuck in clutches,

She regrets that sip and puff,

She fears for her lungs too,

The rot could catch up anytime.
If you can heed to this call,

If you can read this text,

Restrain from this induction,

Abstain from this practice,

And avoid a whole addiction,

That drains your energy and thinking,

And swallows your life without mercy.
*Drugs kill!*

*Drugs incapacitates!*
*Shery 2017/2*


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