It’s a mystery I can’t explain,
How my soul is stuck in it,
Maybe it’s just the world I live in,
I’m getting used,
More used to it,
People come and go,
Drama all they want,
I can’t satisfy their want,
I’m left to lone.

No more love,
No more cares,
The air is filled with “who cares?”
I can’t turn to the left,
I’m attracted to the right,
The right thing to do,
In a deserted world,
A road rarely taken,
For they trend it no more.

I thought I had a few friends,
Few that could stand with me,
But my few stick to benefits,
They don’t treasure strings for attachment,
So I sink alone,
Into my overstretched emotions,
My dying hope of resurrection,
From this dungeon,
Where all is dark and covered,
With no one to light up my candle,
And if they do they blow it as the leave.

I have tried to smile,
To keep my shoulder up high,
But my being cannot sustain,
This darkness overcomes their kindness,
It heals my blindness,
For in the dark my spirit sees,
You smile at me,
But all I see are blurred reflections.

Why dont you understand?
All I need is a smile that lasts,
The kind of care that heals,
Caress me with your generosity,
Hug me with your warm heart,
Promise me you’ll never hurt,
Give me love and attach it with strings so strong!

Sherry 2017/3


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