Imagine a world where,
There were no black and whites,
Maybe Greys,
A world where names don’t matter,
And culture isn’t out’standing,
Where looks aren’t a measure of opportunities….no one cares about the SPLs (Short Plump & Light skinned) or TDHs (the Tall Dark & Handsome!)… Imagine….
If that part of the country you call home doesn’t send an alarm,
If your accent did raise a question,
If your hair texture didnt betray you
Or your love for certain foods didn’t generate a hilarious joke for ‘Churchil Live’ episodes… Imagine….

Hey, walk with me,
I’m imagining a world where political parties aren’t tribal dens,
Just imagine ‘ Uhuru angekuwa corded kwa NASA na Raila,  women rep wa Murang,a akiitwa Atieno na Governor wao Mwanahamisi,
Imagine citizens wa siaya wakiimba Kinyanjui for Governor despite the fact that Odero na nyar Asembo are vieying for the same positions.
Imagine a world where Pokots sacrificed their wells to save dying herds of the Samburu people.
Where Pokomos and Oromos shared pastures without care,
Where my ethnicity doesn’t get me labelled a criminal,
Where my religion doesn’t hold me captive,

I’m imagining a world without urchins on the street,
A world where our homeless are on a homeless fund,
Where our leaders from their pay would fund,
An example to their citizens,
Giving back to the society.
Imagine kama karao kuitisha chai,
Ingemaanisha maziwa na majani,
Yaani kuna njeve na hayuko kejani,
Imagine kama tenders haingekuwa biashara ya who knows who but real work by real experts,
Imagine kama tender ingekuwa kazi wala si mikoba sita ya pesa kwa boot ya taxi.
Imagine if winning an election wouldn’t mean ‘it’s our turn to eat’ but ‘our turn to serve’
Imagine kama hatunge’have kubeg for unity after uchaguzi
Imagine kama mtoi wa prezzo angesoma Moi avenue primary cause ‘Elimu ni Mwangaza’

For now tunabaki tu na imagination in our minds,
Etnicity in our territories
Corruption plenty within our borders,
Haves and havenots gap wider,
Eroded morals in our cities,
We suffer an economic pollution.

Oh God of all creation,
Bless this our land and nation,
Justice be our shield and defender,
May we dwell in unity,
Peace and liberty,
Plenty be found within our borders.

Sherry 2017


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