If I happen to love..

If I ever love,

I will love you with all my heart

You, never will I hurt,

I will give you my love,

Every day of the month,

Every second that ticks,

With you I will stick,


My heart will yearn for no other,

Your voice will be melody to my ears,

You will be the favorite character in my dreams,

You, I will love to the extremes

I will look for no Alejandro,

Coz it’s you alone I will handle,

If I ever love,

It will be from my heart.

If I happen to love you,

Ours will be no contest,

I will let you be the man,

And when I join you on that screen,

Do not worry about Cristiano or Messi,

They won’t make our story messy,

I’m no polygamous,


You will not be my special one,

You will be the only one I will love.

*Sherry 2017\2*


To my Secret Admirer

Dear Mr. Admirer,
I know you bought a rose for me,
But even though you put a note to it,
You know not how to deliver it,
It is not your first attempt,
You have written endless messages,
Though they remain in the confinement of your draftbox,
We may have met in a gathering of youths,
But you end up talking to the girl next to me,
Or passing me my pen when it falls,
Steal a glance and in haste disappear.

To you who is always watching in secret,
You who holds my hand at night,
You who harbors feelings for me,
For how long will you suffer for me?
How long will you carry this with you?

You have become a thief for glances,
You have trampled on stones for me,
Why don’t you gather a little courage,
Don’t be afraid I might say “NO”
Though I don’t promise to say “YES”
Be bold enough to face my heart,
My words will be gentle and soft,
Whether declining or accepting,
I will take care of your feelings.

Sherry 2017/2

My Little Friend

We had grown to the same height,
Hailed from the same village,
And a school we shared
This made strong our bond,
Loyalty was our motto
And together we fought and played.

She watched my back,
I fought for her and with her,
No battle seemed too big,
As long as we were a team,
Together we survived the school bully.

And when the bell rings,
It is time to play,
She knows which game is my favourite,
The exact role I love to play,
She has booked me in already,
I don’t need to send notes in prior.
And if her crew doesn’t want me in,
They have to count her out as well,
See the beauty of true friendship.

But time has a way of destructing happiness,
Forces of nature sent us apart,
In persuit of more fulfillment,
I missed you in my new environment,
I thought we would meet in the next level,
But till now we remain apart,
How I wish I could feel your pat,
Just to look behind and see your smile,
I miss you my friend.

Sherry 2017/2

Your Vote, Your Diet

This empire has no real laws,
The law is so fragile, it keeps breaking,
It only stands strong for the weak,
They can’t break it, nor bend it.
The weak bruise their hands for a day’s meal,
The rich cruise in expensive cars from mwananchi’s meals,
It’s an economy for the glutton,
The rest must watch their diet.

We fell for a wrong regime,
No! We chose this regime,
For words rather than works,
He fed you for a day, you fed him for a lifetime,
This relationship is no symbiotic,
Let’s do our maths and face the ballot,
With wisdom not here say,
With vision not affiliation,
Lest we watch our diet forever.

It’s a dying economy, our cemeteries are full,
Public hospitals are now deathbeds,
No drugs for the poor, more drugs for the peddler,
Derailed education, they are stealing our vision,
Kamau, Kerubo and Mwanasiti have to drop out of school,
Their fathers lost a salary, they are fallen soldiers,
Fighting for a dying nation,
I pray they don’t watch their diet forever.

Nyambuto is still in prison for eloping with a chicken,
My guy is still in power despite a million scandals,
This equation isn’t equal,
The angle of elevation is increasing,
Mwananchi is sinking, his representative is flying high,
Get out of that cacoon, friend,
Tribesmen will not light your jiko,
Nor thatch your hut,
They will watch you watch your weight,
And sell this news to the world,
An opportunity for their empty speeches again,
This is our season,
Time for our decision,
Let’s do it with a vision,
Lest we diet and whine while they wine and dine,
Your vote, your diet.

Sherry 2017/2

Kenya Decides

Till I stitch my broken pieces

Walking in love is a journey,
A journey not for the weary,
For those with hearts not faint,
For a heart ready for the wait,
One needs really be sure,
A heart has to be true,
For a love unconditional.

My heart feels feeble,
It’s a heart so fragile,
It has learnt to love and hate,
Been hurt and broken,
Betrayal is an experience I relates to,
Patience is requirement,
To love you unconditionally.

I may want to give you my heart,
To have my children bear your name,
To experience those beautiful mornings with you,
But my broken heart is still mending,
I’m yet to kill that pain,
The pain that remind me of a broken future.

I’m teaching my heart to let go,
Dusting off the past from my sole,
Shaking off the chains of sourness,
See, im letting time take it’s course,
I can’t commit in this state,
Unless it’s suicidal,
Let me stitch this pieces together,
To a heart that loves unconditionally.

Sherry 2017/2

Why Do You Cease to Believe?

It is written;
Mary bore Him through the holy spirit,
And on earth, man He became,
To bear the burden and a generation to save,
He suffered under Kings of the earth,
So His pain would touch our hearts,
And save our souls from eternal damnation.
But why do we cease to believe?

In His generosity, thousands he fed,
In our generation we see Him provide,
Signs and wonders He continues in our days,
Everywhere, His manifestation we see,
Through His creation, things seen and unseen,
But why do we cease to believe?

You asked and indeed you received,
He has opened the door you knocked,
But you invited doubt in your camp,
You wail coz you can’t wait,
A whole night Peter had to wait,
And out of faith he got a catch,
A story so famous we love to watch,
So, Why do you cease to believe?

Is it because you logged into competition?
For a car better than Emelda’s
Or A mansion bigger than Amanda’s,
Tell me, why do you cease to believe?
Tell me,
Does Jesus hear when you call?
Do you listen when He speaks?
My friend, why do you cease to believe?

Sherry 2017

I Will Grow My Nails Again

I will grow my nails again,
The former beauty shall I regain,
This fateful moment to me is gain,
Away from the beast, away from burdens,
Far from weights that my morals bend,
The sounds that pierce my virgin ears,
Distant from the foul smell of their morals.

I will wear my suffering with pride,
I will watch my sole grow sores,
Though my stomach loudly whistles,
With wolves I shall not dine,
Gratefully,I will drink my pain and sorrow,
It’s sweeter than adulterated feast
Much better than the old mines’ gold.

My gender says I’m a girl,
But I will bend for no king,
Even those with wealth amassed,
You I will respect and not fear,
And when my pennies grow small,
Still your sword I will not kiss,
I will wait and not wail,
In this peace I never found
Till I grow my nails again.

Sherry 2017

You may be down today, but no suffering, no luck should lead you to compromise. Stand firm in your convinction, coz soon you will rise again. You will look back and say, “it was all worth the wait”

My Favourite Colour

I love this very hue,
It reminds me of things that are due,
Some citric, others vitamins for you,
The morning sun to ignite my day,
A good time for farmers to gather hay,
And for kids to begin their play,
Yellow the spirit of my people from the East.
It’s the colour of the common mwananchi,
Because her car will be labelled on it,
The public van must bear it’s mark,
Mwananchi’s road are no exception,
Her county is defined by the yellow perception,
And the “utumishi” stations bear it in their combination.
Sometimes it takes the farmers by surprise,
When it brings news hard to embrace,
News of a harvest lost in a race,
To persue a just income,
And provide for desperate family.
It’s a colour with different shades,
But remains my favourite in the wheel.
┬ęSherry 2017

If Only He had a Story

I’d have told you of Grandpa
Of how he owned a big chunk of land
“He’s blessed,” the neighbors said,
Every kind of seed in nurseries he laid,
But of what benefit is it?

A hectare of arabica & robusta,
An orchard full of species
But rarely got to roll in artcafe
And never did we share a table at the juice parlor,
The sole of his foot knows the scorching sun and the coarse sand.

I would have told you of him,
Of how enormous his forelimb were,
Of his flaked nails, and array of scars,
A result of a hardwork so scarce,
But of what gain was it?

At eighty two I found him tilling,
And the story of MauMau he kept on telling,
Not his favorite story,
His freedom has been a lie,
His efforts in a grave will lie,
A forgotten hero he becomes.

Yes, I would have told of his story,
But it’s no nice piece of history,
Colonial bars were once his home
An empty stomach he has had to bear,
His kids he struggled to raise,
The kings regard him not,
If only he had a story.

Sherry 2017

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