Till I stitch my broken pieces

Walking in love is a journey,
A journey not for the weary,
For those with hearts not faint,
For a heart ready for the wait,
One needs really be sure,
A heart has to be true,
For a love unconditional.

My heart feels feeble,
It’s a heart so fragile,
It has learnt to love and hate,
Been hurt and broken,
Betrayal is an experience I relates to,
Patience is requirement,
To love you unconditionally.

I may want to give you my heart,
To have my children bear your name,
To experience those beautiful mornings with you,
But my broken heart is still mending,
I’m yet to kill that pain,
The pain that remind me of a broken future.

I’m teaching my heart to let go,
Dusting off the past from my sole,
Shaking off the chains of sourness,
See, im letting time take it’s course,
I can’t commit in this state,
Unless it’s suicidal,
Let me stitch this pieces together,
To a heart that loves unconditionally.

Sherry 2017/2


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